Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mikasa's Lovely Autumn-Themed Cocoa Blossom Dishes

Look at these lovely autumnal dishes from Mikasa! Right now I don't have the storage room for these - otherwise I'd be bankrupting myself buying a gorgeous set of Mikasa's "Cocoa Blossom" dinnerware to use solely in autumn. They're microwave and dishwasher safe, thankfully. That's a necessity in my house!

I'm the most sorely tempted by the Mikasa cocoa blossom tea server.

I don't care for cappuccino, so I'd probably use these cups and saucers for tea or hot chocolate instead. They're also available on eBay.

I'd love to serve dainty appetizers on this rectangular tray.

This oval "Cocoa Blossom" casserole would be perfect for pasta, risotto, soups or steamed veggie sides. There's a similar related round casserole on eBay.

I think the whole concept of "accent plates" is silly. Clearly this is a dessert plate or salad plate.

The Cocoa Blossom bread and butter plate features a single simple fern-style leaf.

I like this oval bowl for serving pasta, mac and cheese, or mashed potatoes.

The Cocoa Blossom salt and peppers are adorable.

I don't generally use decorative chargers so would probably skip purchasing this one.

The Cocoa Blossom service for four set includes a dinner plate, salad plate, cereal bowl, and cup and saucer for each of the four settings.

The design gets a bit funky on the salad serving bowl; I'm not sure I like it as much as their other serving pieces.

There's even a Cocoa Blossom goblet, but I have enough goblets and don't really care for it anyway.

See more Mikasa Cocoa Blossom dishes on Amazon and on eBay.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Dream of Jeannie and Her Genie Bottle

This I Dream of Jeannie collectible maquette and bottle are a limited edition (1200 pieces made) "Teeny Weeny" toy by Electric Tiki. They're hand painted.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fanciful Summer Fantasy Playhouses and Tents for Kids

This medieval castle is a play tent you can unfold to a six foot structure or pull it all the way out to a 24 foot diorama. It folds flat for storage. The castle has four towers. Great for creating a medieval fantasy play space in your backyard! I'd probably want to provide medieval costumes or some sort of fantasy dressup outfits for the kids to enhance their playtime.

Also available at Toys R' Us and on eBay.

For a more substantial (and more expensive) castle playhouse option, here's a Princess Quebec castle playhouse. Eight feet tall, it has 40 windows and looks like it would take quite a few hours to put together and install.

Your kids may or may not watch fantasy sci fi show Dr. Who, but adult geeks will get a kick out of watching them enjoy this inflatable Tardis anyway!

Young Harry Potter fans can act out scenes from their favorite book or movie in this Hogwart's play tent.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Funko's Adorable Game of Thrones Vinyl Figures

Daenerys Targaryen comes with her own cute little red dragon.

Her former spouse, Khal Drogo, now rides forever in the Night Lands.

Dressed in the head-to-toe black of The Night Watch, Jon Snow would never go anywhere without his sword.

Robb Stark, "The King in the North."

Arya Stark comes with her little beginners' sword, "Needle."

Renly Baratheon didn't get to live very long, but at least he got to wear a really cool antlered crown.

Nearly everyone's favorite character, Tyrion Lannister.

This toy depicts Jaime Lannister before he lost his sword hand.

And Ned Stark is depicted before he lost his head.

I love that Cersei Lannister is shown with her hands on her hips bitchily. Yup, that's her.

I sort of have a soft spot for The Hound.

The series even includes a cute little blue-colored White Walker.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Funky Vintage 1960s Paper Earrings

The "Froo-Froo" in this auction title caught my eye, then I giggled when I saw these adorable funky vintage paper earrings. From the style and the words "Go Go" printed on the box, I assume these are from the 1960s.

The set includes four different paper earrings and the fixings (findings) to create them with.

Friday, December 21, 2012

5 Most Adorable Choir Candle Sets on eBay

This set of Commodore choir boy candle holders comes packaged in the gaily decorated original box. The set contains two candle holders, each depicting three choir boys singing and sharing a songbook.

This vintage set of choir candles includes a cute deer and two adorable snowmen candles that are depicted doffing their red top hats.

This iconic Gurley choir candle set is exactly what I picture when I think of mid-century traditional choir candles. I'm so glad nobody ever burned this particular set so they didn't get destroyed.

Another Gurley choir candle set comes with a lantern, two deer, and an angel, but not all the pieces might be Gurley.

This is the same set of Gurley Christmas candles my mother displayed every year. I think I still have the little church. I wish I knew what happened to the two evergreen trees and the choir girls!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Dr. Who Geek Alert for Christmas

Oh how I'd love to get this Ride in Dalek for my boys. They're too big to fit in it though I suspect. Wish they'd make an adult version, though it would be way heavier and more expensive. This is amazingly cool! Way better than a boring old electric jeep or red race car.

The Dr. Who Ride-In Dalek is also available on Amazon.

The inflatable Dalek is cool also, but wouldn't be nearly as much fun to play with.

The Lego Snow Queen

I wish my niece had been older in 2005 when this Lego Belleville "Snow Queen" set was released. Nowadays she's probably too old to enjoy it. This is based on the Hans Christian Andersen tale, not the Narnia books, by the way.

The set comes with the Snow Queen and her sleigh, her castle (with a few faux gems) and a tree. '

Also available on Amazon.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Beautiful Moser Antique Casket Boxes

I can't afford this gorgeous Moser Bohemian casket box and I'd be afraid my kids would break it. But I certainly enjoy looking at this beautiful photograph. I especially appreciate the intricate detailing on the lid.

At first glance I thought this Moser opaline glass casket box was made out of tin. I love the teal color and the enameled designs.

Oh how I'd love to store my jewelry in this Moser Bohemian enamel box. Love the blue color!

Unusual Vintage Toy Doctor Kits for Children

I'm so intrigued by this antique Little Country Doctor kit, made back in the times before all toys were cruddy plastic.

Inside, the doctor's kit comes with a toy stethoscope and glasses, toy thermometer, little vials for pretend medicines, gauze bandages, and a Red Cross bandage and cotton set. The fact this set still has all its original items makes me wonder if a real child was never allowed to actually play with this. Oh look, there are even little notes for writing in the chart, and a play diploma for the little doctor.

Now compare the lovely vintage set to this disappointing plastic 1970s doctor kit. How boring.

In the 1950s we can see toy doctor kits starting to use plastic, like this Hasbro Life Junior Doctor Kit. It still has nifty accessories, such as candy pills, a hypodermic needle and an eye chart.

It seems like doctor's kits used to come with more accessories than modern toy kits do. This Tiny Town doctor's kit is from the 1940s or 1950s and came with lots of bandages, little jars, cotton, tape, and other supplies for pretend play.

This Dandy Doctor kit from the 1940s is similar, and also includes a good assortment of play medical supplies.

The Playtime Kit comes with two things I haven't seen in the other vintage toys: a plastic speculum and a tiny rubber hot water bottle.

I love the retro illustrations on this blue Hasbro Canadian Playtime kit. Inside, the toys are plastic and boring. But they seem to have included two sets of everything, so two children could play together in their pretend hospital.

Now we jump ahead to the 1970s, with this Fisher Price doctor's kit. Colorful, durable, and with plenty of accessories (a hammer for finding knee reflexes, and a tool to check the eyes). But somehow don't you think it's missing a lot of the charm of the vintage toys?

Here's what a modern toy doctor's kit looks like now: This Elmo doctor kit is colorful and cute, but is all plastic. There are no paper diplomas, no cotton bandages, no gauze, and no little glass vials of candy pills.

At least Haba presents a modern alternative. This Haba toy medical kit comes in a tin container, includes wooden tools and accessories, and offers a paper prescription pad and a tiny glass vial for pretend medicine. Cool!

This contemporary FAO Schwartz doctor kit is also made almost entirely out of wood. But I find it lacking in charm and it doesn't look like a toy I'd want to play with personally. There's such a thing as being too simplistic.

Now here's a contemporary doctor's kit I really like. It's by Lilliputiens, the premiere luxury plush toy company in Belgium. Everything here is made of ultra soft, colorful plush fabric. That sure would make a checkup a lot easier to endure!